Facebook helps boost digital infrastructure in Malaysia

28 May 2019

notificationsFacebook Malaysia is implementing measures to boost local investments and advance the country’s digital sector.

One of the initiatives was revealed to be the ‘Made by Malaysia, Loved by the World’ programme, which is co-organised by Facebook, the Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE) and social commerce platform, AVANA.

Facebook said: "The programme has helped empower more than 1,000 businesses across seven cities in Malaysia, to equip them with the tools to export their products and arm them with digital online capabilities for growth beyond the Malaysian borders.

"This first of its kind programme in ASEAN aims to continue engaging with another 1,000 businesses by end-2019," it said, before adding that the DHL Express will also join.

The company also revealed that it was working with a Malaysian service provider, so as to help strengthen the country’s digital infrastructure. This forms part of the government’s plans to launch the first large-scale Terragraph market pilot launch in Georgetown, Penang.

"We are scaling the Terragraph technology trial in Malaysia in collaboration with another local service provider, which will include the provision of WiFi, fixed wireless access and smart city applications and services,” Facebook said, adding that the “upcoming trial will take place in Cyberjaya.”

Country director Nicole Tan said that with more than 23 million Malaysians using Facebook on a monthly basis, the platform prioritises Malaysia.

"The country’s economy is in the midst of a societal and digital transformation, coupled with a tremendous push for industrial growth, technological innovation and entrepreneurship,” she said.

"It is exciting to be a part of this, and we are investing in our partners, programmes, opportunities and people who are helping us create a positive impact in their communities.”