Working from home – better or worse?

01 Aug 2019

Working from home sounds like an attractive option giving you much more freedom and liberty to work at your own pace from the comfort of your home. But is this fantasy much better than working in-office or on site? 

Firstly, you must keep in mind that it is much easier to get lost in other things when at home, so it takes a self-disciplined individual to stay focused and away from distractions. Working from home means more independency but also means that you’d have to get used to being away from your colleagues and bosses. There will be no one to motivate you, thus you’d have to be sure to push yourself and keep up the work. However, communication is key in a business, so you would have to stay in contact with the people at work via email, Skype or FaceTime. This allows you to become a better communicator as you would learn more as you go on how to deliver your message clearly. In addition, you will need to keep up to date with the latest communication devices updates. Making a ‘to do list’ might help in making sure to do all the required work and tasks. 

Another plus of working from home is that it leads a healthier life. When at home you are able to look after yourself better; taking care of your diet as well as improving on your time management. Overall, it could be more productive as well because you do not need to dress up for work, put make-up on or waste time stuck in traffic whilst commuting.  

But working from outside the office removes all sort of communication, which may lead you feeling alienated. Being surrounded by colleagues whilst at work can be very helpful and is often underestimated, as it improves the team dynamic. Furthermore, you may miss out on the latest memo or news. Additionally, the workplace may offer access to technology or software that you do not own, hence hindering you from completing tasks more easily.